How long does does it take to print an item? 

It can take between two and seven days for my printer to receive, create and prepare your item for shipping. Some items, like clothing, can take a little longer, while things like mugs are easy to print (making them a great option for a last minute gift nudge nudge). 

How long does shipping take? 

Depending where in the world you are, it should two to three weeks for the item to find its way through to your post box. Get in touch if you have any questions. 

How does printing work? 

Every item is printed on demand. And if, like past me, you have no idea what that means, it’s basically that once you make your purchase, the order goes through to the elves at my printing house who then create, package and post your item to you.

Can't see the design you're looking for? 

You can find all my art on my Instagram account, but if you've seen a piece you like but the design hasn't made its way onto a garment/item, let me know

Have another question? 

Give me a nudge, dispatch a carrier pigeon or send me a message in bottle and I’ll be on hand to help.